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MAC models are available at CMR Models for Export to abroad

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Resin model kits / 1:43 / Škoda 706 RTC

Škoda 706 RTC

Škoda 706 RTC

Code: 43106


The name of Škoda 706 was used as early as in the 1930´s for a series of heavyduty trucks produced in ASAP car factory in Mladá Boleslav.

Already during the World War II designers worked on a number of improvements, especially to increase the engine power. On 9 May 1945 the last air raid hit the production facilities in Mladá Boleslav. However the raid was probably an action of the 2nd Air Force of the 1st Ukrainian Front rather than Luftwaffe. Therefore the production of trucks was transferred to Avia Letňany aircraft factory immediately after the war.

From the outset the production in Avia encountered a number of diffi culties, especially the unwillingness of the aviation factory staff, who considered the car production to be a professional downfall.

In the beginning of the 1950´s the decision was made to return the aircraft production to Avia and to transfer the production of trucks to the Liberec Region. The transfer took place within three months and was accompanied by a number of diffi culties. For example Elektro Praga Rýnovice plant had to change its manufacturing program from vacuums cleaners to engines.

Despite the considerable diffi culties the production of the R (reconstructed, sometimes frame) model continued until 1958. However the demand for already obsolete R type vehicle rapidly declined. The manufacturer was forced to carry out a rapid modernization and the introduction of the new RT type. The development of the new type (RT) began as early as in 1955. The frame was shortened by one meter and the truck had a completely new driver cab (cab forward, cab over engine). Signifi cant changes were also made to the engine. The introduction of direct injection resulted in an improved performance and reduction of fuel consumption. In 1957 62 preseries units were manufactured and in 1958 already 4,070 vehicles were produced. By 1970 the total of astonishing 90,000 pieces of various modifi cations of RT models were produced. With the advent of the new MT series the production declined rapidly, but the last pieces of RT series were assembled from remaining parts as late as in the 1990´s.

Over the years production plants were renamed. In 1952 the plant changed its name to Podnik závodů Š 706 and in 1953 to Liberecké automobilové závody LIAZ. Škoda 706 RT truck was extremely successful at that time. It offered simple structure, easy maintenance and economical operation (diesel oil consumption of 2530 l). These properties have predetermined a very long life to this type of vehicle. Even 30 years after the production termination you can see some of the special extensions on the roads. Especially the RTHP fi re extension cab with extendedeight seat cabin has been still used in many places by voluntary fi refi ghters.

Technical data
Weight: 5900-6850 kg
Loading weight: cca 7000 kg
Total weight: 13 500 kg
Wheelbase: 4 000mm
Engine in line watercooled, OHV, direct injection
No.of cylinders: 6 Ouput: 118 kW (160 k) 1900 ot. kW
Manual gearbox 5+1 with overdrive
Max. speed: 55 až 75 km/h
Consumption: 24 l/100 km petrol
Year of production: 1957-1970


Assembly instructions
Assembly instructionsAssembly instructions
Assembly instructions