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MAC models are available at CMR Models for Export to abroad

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Resin model kits / 1:43 / Tatra 805 Komando

Tatra 805 Komando

Tatra 805 Komando

Code: 43026


Tatra 805 is a light off-road truck manufactured by Tatra (later AZNP Mladá Boleslav, Races of V. Lenin Plzeň and Avia Prague) between 1952 and 1960. It was developed especially for the needs of the army on the basis of a special assignment. The army demanded a car capable of riding in heavy terrain and with high traction power. The Tatra 805 was powered by a gasoline 8-cylinder air-cooled T 603 A engine. The engine had a 2545 cc (75 mm stroke, 72 mm stroke) and 75 horsepower at 4000 rpm. The gearbox was a four-speed gearbox and was coupled with a two-speed additional transmission. The cars had a steady rear axle drive, the front axle drive could be fitted with a special shift lever. The drive was still equipped with a differential lock. The chassis of the Tatra 805 was made up of a spine frame, which was coupled to the front and rear axles. The axles were swinging, with wheel reductions, which made it possible to reduce the half-axle load, increase the vehicle’s light height, increase the overall gear ratio and thus maximize the traction forces. One-circuit hydraulic drum brakes were without power. The braking effect was inadequate, mainly due to the braking of the loaded vehicle at higher speeds, or the heaviness of the downhill descending when the braking effect of the engine was insufficient. Tatra 805 was a typical truck of the Czechoslovak People’s Army. The most widespread version was a flatbed and vehicles from various cabin bodies (radio, ambulance, fire truck). From the special versions, it was a tank or lightweight vehicle with a canvas roof for the paratroopers. Tatra 805 - RM-31Ma “Třinec” was a mobile shortwave radio station, used for radio links within a band, artillery groups and to connect with explorers. On the chassis of the Tatry 805 was built a light armored vehicle OA-82 Jarmila. Perhaps the most famous Tatra 805 are silver-red and silver-blue painted specials for the famous Zikmund and Hanzelka travelers

Technical data
Length 4720 mm
Width 2040 mm
Height 2063 mm
Wheelbase 2700 mm
Weight 2750 kg
Drive 4 x 4
Maximum speed 78 km per hour
Gradient 68%
Wading 0.65 m
Fuel consumption 40 l / 100 km
Fuel tank volume 100 l


Building options
Building optionsBuilding options
Building optionsBuilding options
Real picture
Real picture